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Stanislaw Wasowicz (NL)

Scotty AI | VP of Growth & Partnerships

Stanislaw has been at the forefront of TA innovation for almost 2 decades, having personally demo's over 500 solutions during this time. Before joining Scotty AI, he was instrumental in the success of renowned market leaders like RGF, VONQ and SmartRecruiters. As a side hustle he keeps the saw sharp by consulting exciting startups like HirePort and The Selection Lab. His outspoken and opinionated nature has led to him being acknowledged as one of the top global thought leaders in our space. Expect to be inspired.

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  • The End of the World ( as we know it ): PostNL's Leap into AI, Időpont: 11:50 - 12:15

    Did you ever think you’d see the end of the world? Did you ever think you’d witness deaf people hear, blind people see, mind-controlled bionic limbs, self-driving cars, and people getting all the fat in their bodies pumped into their butts? Nope. Us neither. But here we are. The world is changing at an unprecedented rate. AI has landed. It's a tool of mass destruction but also mass innovation.

    But here’s the real question: Is it really bad news? Stan will kick off our journey by setting the stage for AI’s massive impact on industries. And guess what? Talent Acquisition isn't excluded. He’ll introduce Scotty AI, a groundbreaking agent orchestration platform that automates 80-90% of repetitive tasks in hiring and employee lifecycle through its conversational AI and integration capabilities.

    Then, meet Charlie—Scotty AI’s better-looking twin at PostNL, tailored to redefine their recruitment strategy.  Paula, with Charlie by her side, will dive deep into how PostNL is not just surviving but thriving by embracing AI. Since implementing Charlie, PostNL has seen dramatic improvements: a spike in quality hires, streamlined processes, and an enhanced candidate experience that’s turning heads across the industry.

    Together, Stan and Paula will show you real-life applications of Scotty AI at PostNL, transforming the theoretical into the tangible. Buckle up; recruitment will never be the same again.

  • AI in recruitment (Roundtable discussion), Időpont: 12:35 - 13:00