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Lana Faust Križan (HR)

MOL Group | Group HR Senior Vice President

Currently I am Group HR Senior Vice President at MOL Group. By profession, I am psychologist. I worked as psychological consultant after my university graduation and then in 2010 I started to work for MOL Group. First as Learning and Development Expert in Croatia within INA, then I moved to Budapest and fulfilled different positions within HR such as Strategic HR & Competence Development Expert and HR BP managerial roles along our business value chain. I went to maternity leave from Head of DS HR position and returned as Group HR Senior Vice President in 2021. I have progressed in my career within the company while focusing on how I can make things work better/best within my circle of influence. Making things better & leading people is what really motivates me.

What I would like to achieve with my own HR community is that we proudly create & deliver impactful people solutions for MOL Group. I am not the only HR director for sure whose aim is to attract talents and retain our people while developing them. We have the set KPIs, and I’ll be satisfied if we reach those while enjoying the road leading to their fulfilment. Now, regarding 2024 what is one of my priorities is to understand AI usage within HR and start to build on that further.  

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  • Regional level workforce challanges and recruitment strategy, Időpont: 10:42 - 11:07

    Exploring the complex landscape of regional workforce challenges, we delve into the strategies for recruitment and upskilling. Lana navigates through the nuanced dynamics of age and gender specificities within the industry, while illuminating the pivotal role of employer branding activities. How can organizations effectively harness these insights to shape recruitment for the future?