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Ivan Stojanovic (HR)

Irish Recruiter | Recruitment Director

Ivan A. Stojanovic, based in Dublin, Ireland, boasts a dynamic career spanning 25 years as a Talent Acquisition Expert and Recruitment Technology Pioneer. Ivan blends technical prowess with recruitment acumen. As the Co-founder of IrishRecruiter and Taladria recruitment agencies and a seasoned speaker at over 10 recruitment conferences annually, Ivan advocates for technology integration in recruitment processes. Ivan's multifaceted expertise and commitment to innovation position him as a standout figure in the dynamic landscape of Talent Acquisition.

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  • Workforce migration within Europe, Időpont: 11:40 - 12:05

    In recent times, the movement of labor from East to West has posed significant challenges. The outflow of workers from Eastern regions to Western countries has led to a critical issue: labor shortages. This phenomenon impacts various sectors and has become a pressing concern for employers and policymakers alike. Factors such as changing candidate expectations, the delicate balance between work and personal life, and the emergence of new players in the job market contribute to the complexity of addressing this issue.