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The world of recruitment | Adam Gordon interview


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What will be the biggest recruitment challenges for 2020?

There simply aren't enough tech skills for all the tech roles employers need to fill and this has to be the continued priority. Alongside this, employers need to work out how to get off the treadmill of constantly looking for brand new candidates and instead focus on nurturing their existing candidate databases.

What would you focus on when designing a long-term recruitment strategy for a company?

I'd be focused on what pipelines I need in place to make sure I am able to fulfil my hiring targets. I'd build pipelines for regular and critical hires, senior hires and diversity for example.

Hiring excellence - To what extent has the impact of recruitment processes on organizations changed?

I don't think it's changed all that much but it needs to become less 'sales' (1:1) focused and much more 'marketing' (1:many + automated personalisation focused)

What is the biggest challenge now in the recruitment automation market?

It's really important to be clear on which aspects of a recruiter's job can be automated and which are best to remain with the recruiter as a human activity. Once we break down the job in this way we can start to truly understand how technology can allow us to fill 2x more jobs.

What would you advise to the Hungarian market for next year?

Focus on talent pipelines and nurturing the people you might want to hire in the future. Not everyone wants to work for your organisation but they may do in the future. It's easier to keep in contact with them than it is to find brand new candidates.