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"We’re not just order takers" - Interview with John Vlastelica (Recruiting Toolbox)


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What do recruiting leaders need to invest in to run a successful recruitment process?

Hiring Manager and recruiter capabilities are at the heart of great recruiting. A lot of focus is on the technology pieces, which are key, but the ROI will be very low if we have un-engaged, ineffective HMs and recruiters operating as order takers. We need recruiters to lead as Talent Advisors and HMs to see recruiting as part of their day job.

What business needs affect the recruitment profession the most today?

Executives want more speed, more diversity, more quality. They want more predictability in hiring, but they often struggle to predict their own hiring needs, so they need strong TA partners who can help them build realistic hiring plans, and understand how to close gaps and address risks. They want TA to run like a business more.

How can recruitment be a strategic partner for management today?

There are so many things a recruiter can do to be more strategic – we must ensure we’re not just order takers or process managers. We need to lead more – lead more around the target candidate profiles (informed by market insights), sourcing strategy and candidate engagement (informed by a deep understanding of candidate motivators and competition), diversity (informed by current mix of talent and desired mix and the WHY for diversity), interviewing strategy (informed by assessment needs and interviewing team capability), closing strategy (informed by a deep understanding of candidate decision criteria, competition, our EVP, compensation, and internal stakeholder/approver concerns), and hiring manager engagement and training.

If you could give just one piece of advice, what would it be for recruiters?

Try harder is not a strategy.

Thank you for the answers to John Vlastelica, Founder & Managing Director of Recruiting Toolbox, Inc.!