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"The time is now to replace outdated technology" - Interview with Jerome Ternynck (SmartRecruiters)


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Has Covid-19 changed the development of recruitment?

Yes. During this time, many companies have leveraged the lower hiring volumes to drive digital transformation in recruiting. They’ve recognized the time is now to replace outdated technology that will set them up to hire better in the future.

What are the top trends that will determine our profession in the short and medium term?

Going remote changes hiring forever. Also Diversity Hiring is going to be an important topic for the long term future. Companies will expect their recruiting technology to help them achieve Diversity Hiring.

What do recruiting leaders need to invest in to run a successful recruitment process?

We recommend that TA teams invest in a Talent Acquisition Suite that achieves Hiring Success - meaning that companies can hire top talent on time and on budget. That includes a comprehensive platform to source, select and hire with tools like AI, automation, CRM. It also includes a platform that has an entire recruiting ecosystem that connects them to all their hiring needs such as background checks, assessments, etc.

What business needs affect the recruitment profession the most today?

Internal mobility is a hot topic. Companies need a platform that enables them to hire within their own talent pool. It helps avoid layoffs or redundancies. We believe TA will own and solve this problem in the future.

Will technology replace the work of recruiters? If so, in which areas?

Technology will not replace recruiters, but there are many ways it can make their jobs easier. For example, AI technology can help surface qualified candidates and cut down sourcing time, while automation tools like chatbots can automate repetitive tasks, convert candidates better, and save recruiters time.

What are the top 3 softwares that a recruiter should know today?

SmartRecruiters :) - we believe they should look at recruiting platforms with CRM, AI and chatbot technology

What were the biggest benefits that Covid-19 brought?

Opening up global talent pools and being able to hire from anywhere. This opens up opportunity and being able to hire more diverse workforces.

What pitfalls lie ahead for us that recruitment professionals should pay attention to?

Higher candidate volumes mean that recruiters can’t keep up with all the applicants they receive. They need tools that bring automation and efficiency so they can do more with less resources (time, headcount).

How can recruitment be a strategic partner for management today?

Connect how Hiring leads to business success. When you hire great people, they are more productive, drive better company results, and you have less costs for turnover.

Do skills and culture really matter or does our profession still only work on a requisition basis?

Yes, companies seem to be hiring more on skills set vs. specific requirements.

If you could give just one piece of advice, what would it be for recruiters?

Your time is precious, and your job is critical to help connect people to jobs and get back to work. Advocate for the proper tools you need to recruit and do your job effectively and quickly. Your company’s business success depends on it. We believe you are who you hire!

Personally, what was the hardest part of the past year and what was it that brought a positive surprise?

The hardest part was the uncertainty of going to a fully remote-first company and how that would affect our culture. The positive surprise was that we quickly adapted and discovered ways to collaborate and achieve our goals. Of course we look forward to in-person interactions when the time comes, but we’re also excited about the opportunities and flexibility that remote work brings.

Thank you for the answers to Jerome Ternynck, the Founder and CEO of SmartRecruiters!