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"Make sure that we don't lose the human centric focus" - Interview with Norman Mauer (Indeed.com)


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What should recruiters focus on in 2024?

I think recruiters should focus on clear processes that are human centric and also focus on measurable output. So if you have a problem in your company that you want to get solved, just make sure that you have the right tools in place to solve it and not just unnecessary and different stuff to process, even though you might only need the basics.

What is your opinion on AI? Is it taking away from recruiters' jobs?

AI can be a very helpful tool if you use it. I don't think that AI will or should replace recruiters. I do think that. Our focus should be that we use smart enabled tools to help us to get out and make our day. In the end there always should be a human who decides the fate of another human because machines are not at a place right now to make unbiased decisions. As a tool, yes, use it, but not as a final decision maker.

Where can you add value in recruitment selection?

Administrative work, like appointment booking, auto reply mails. And for example scanning CVs but not judging the CV just scanning it. For example, taking out keywords that are relevant, that make it easier to cluster talent pools and other stuff. So anything that's repetitive and anything that's administrative. I think these are the value adding sections of AI at the moment.

If you could give one piece of advice to the industry, what would it be?

I think it is that even though the recruitment market might seem a bit more relaxed at the time due to demographic changes, we still have a high shortage of talent (warehouse workers and CFO-s too) and I think in this you should be very careful and very eager to make good arguments for the job, for the company. And do not think it's easier now, it's even more hard because after Corona and everything that happened in the last years people are way more interested in the long-term perspective of a company.

What are some effective strategies for recruiting across multiple countries in the CEE region?

I think this is a worldwide phenomenon right now. Every country has its own cultural aspects, things that you like, and maybe some things that you don't like. It’s good that every country is something on its own and it's good that it is that way because we all like individuals and we should cherish that. But on the other hand, jobs from time to time are very internationally focused and maybe the processes are standardized. So that doesn't mean that if you can't find the one person in your country that this person might not be in another country but if you only solely focus on cultural aspects or language or whatever in your country, I think you're missing out on a big part of the talent pool that's outside. So be culturally open and make sure that you have a very good structured onboarding process, especially when you are hiring from your neighbor because they always seem so close but sometimes they're just very far away when it comes to culture.

If you had to highlight one story that you are most proud of, what would it be?

The one story is that we as Indeed made it possible to help a lot of people get jobs. We did that with getting more resources to the table that recruiters can use to hire people. I think we made it possible to also give people a chance that are not like your usual first pick in draft. Because with data we were able to make companies think beyond the Horizon a bit more. And that's not just one story. I think this is the result of work and I think we can be very proud of that.

What are you preparing for the recruiTECH CEE event?

So since I'm thinking that with all the AI stuff that we are currently talking about we have to make sure that we don't lose the human centric focus. Happy people are more productive and that's the way it has always been, and we'll prepare a data based session on work. So everything that we can quantify justifies this to you and you can use this data to create a more inclusive, more open, more positive workspace. We have been doing this since 2019, we're doing measurements, and service, and work well being and we are collecting this data based on certific models and we'll bring this stuff with me. So companies will see that our focus is on what we're being. It's a focus on productivity, basically.

Thank you for the anwers Norman Mauer, the Senior Talent Strategy Advisor - Talent Intelligence of Indeed.com!