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"It's important to stay flexible and creative as an employer" - Interview with Claudia Lorber


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What do you see as the biggest challenge for 2024?

In 2024, the biggest challenge in recruiting might be finding AND retaining qualified talents in a constantly evolving job market. With new technologies and new AND old work models, it's important to stay flexible and creative as an employer.

What is the biggest thing you have achieved so far? What else would you like to achieve?

My greatest achievement so far is being able to fill every open position, either in my in-house recruiting role or as a recruiting strategist for my clients. I also want to be able to say that I've achieved this in many years to come.

How important is technology in recruitment?

Without the use of technology, recruiting will no longer be possible in the future. Therefore, it is crucial for recruiters to gain an overview and be able to decide which systems and tools are suitable for their company.

Is recruitment failing in the use of technology?

I think it depends on the environment in which recruiters operate. Most of my clients are already very interested in finding out what is possible. In terms of implementation, there is certainly still potential regarding the use of technology in recruiting.

What are some recruitment challenges you would highlight specifically in your country/region?

We have some fantastic companies in Austria, but they are often not located in urban centers. These employers are often not visible and are therefore perceived as less attractive. Another challenge is that people in Austria tend to be less mobile, meaning relocating for a job is hardly an option. Companies need to respond with new models, but many still cling to old ways of working.

What are you preparing for the recruiTECH CEE event?

I'm preparing an entertaining speech about what the no-gos are in recruiting in 2024. It will be entertaining and educational, I promise.

Thank you for the anwers Claudia Lorber!