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"Identify your pain and the impact it has on the business" - Interview with Mike Basnett Sandiford (Horsefly)


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What do you see as the biggest challenge for 2023?

I think as a result of high inflation and the war in Ukraine this can have a naturally negative impact on Global Markets. I see that Talent Acquisition teams are becoming increasingly stretched, with a combination of cuts in budgets and personnel but still having to deliver on critical skills for the business.

In what areas do you think recruitment organisations on the corporate side need to improve?

I think it is difficult to say, but I think the main challenge is becoming more proactive than reactive. I think this is something that businesses need to support as opposed to this sitting just on TA's doorstep, workforce planning is being picked up by TA in a lot of instances and at this point it adds greater pressure on them as a team. I think TA needs to be pushing to be involved in the business strategy which in turn will support better efficiency for their teams.

What should a recruiter focus on in 2023?

Planning, even if there is a reduction in recruitment, now is the time to be planning on the objectives of the business and identifying the key skills that have been hard to fill. It is important to look at technology that will allow you to do the human aspect of your job more efficiently and help solve problems. Since the pandemic we have seen a huge shift into "data driven recruitment" with more and more TA teams turning to data, more specifically Labour Market Insights to support the organisation on a strategy for success.

If you could give one piece of advice to the industry, what would it be?

Identify your pain and the impact it has on the business, use this to create a business case to why you need technology to support your role. As mentioned earlier, technology only does so much and it should support the ability to have more time to focus on human elements. I like the phrase "Superhumanise your recruitment strategy"

What is the biggest thing you have achieved so far? What else would you like to achieve?

In a work capacity supporting Horsefly to become a global leader in Talent/Labour Market Analytics. I joined the business nearly 7 years ago and supported in the growth of clients we work with and learned a huge amount about the market in the process. Personally I love playing golf and from starting at the age of 30 I became a single figure handicap golfer at the end of 2022.

What is your main motivation?

Helping people and sharing knowledge of the world of data analytics. Getting a user case come back from a client that we have helped where they are recognising millions of pounds of cost saving is great to hear.

HERE you can watch a recording of Mike Basnett's latest presentation (Strategic workforce planning and mapping) at the 2023 recruiTECH conference in Budapest!

Thank you for the anwers Mike Basnett Sandiford, the Head of Partnerships of Horsefly!