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"Be more demanding of your tools and vendors" - Interview with Tom Delorme (Radancy)


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What do you see as the biggest challenge for 2023?

Most likely instability. Are we entering a recession? Is it just another symptom of the state of perpetual crisis we are now living in? Keeping a long-term vision while navigating complex and uncertain times and resisting the urge to cut all Talent Recruitment initiatives will probably be complicated but the ones who manage to will no doubt reap the rewards.

In which areas do recruitment organizations need to improve on the corporate side?

A lot of organizations haven’t yet transformed their organizational model and are probably asking too much from their recruiters. They can’t all be recruiters, sourcers, marketers, employer brand managers etc. As the Talent Acquisition space becomes increasingly complex, specialization becomes a requirement.

What should recruiters focus on in 2023?

As I said, I really wish recruiters are given a chance to focus on their core mission. Too much is asked of them, thus preventing them from identifying the talent that will strengthen the organization.

If you could give one piece of advice to the industry, what would it be?

Stop believing in magic. If one can’t explain to you how it works, it probably doesn’t. And no, “it’s AI” doesn’t qualify as an explanation more than “We use glittery Unicorn Sparkle”. Be more demanding of your tools and vendors.

What would be a lesson to share from 2022 based on your professional activity?

I suppose we found out, at a large scale, that there aren’t enough IS/IT/Data talent for everyone. The “war for Talent” prophecy keeps proving true and we are going to have to live with that for at least a decade. Finding a way around it, upskilling internal talent and training new ones is not optional anymore.

HERE you can watch a recording of Tom Delorme's latest presentation (Lessons learnt from building 500+ career sites) at the 2023 recruiTECH conference in Budapest!

Thank you for the anwers Tom Delorme, the Vice President of Radancy!