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Péter Civin (HU)

Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions | Brand and Communication Advisor

Peter Civin is a marketing expert, who spent 20 years at leadership positions at Kraft, Ericsson, Telekom, Microsoft and Telenor. In the last two years he has been working on supporting Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions building its employer brand.

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  • Pay per click - is it the right approach? Pay per candidate - is the ROI, Időpont: 10:20 - 10:40

    Just as we have long expected a return on investment in commercial marketing and communications to deliver measurable results, we are beginning to accept that we should expect the same from communications supporting Recruitment. But building an employer brand is often a collection of projects that are not expected to deliver tangible results.
    Through the introduction of the Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions brand, we seek to answer questions such as: How do we measure the effectiveness of communications supporting recruitment? To what extent are big numbers relevant, what are averages good for and what are they not? How much does a brand (name?) mean? Is DT-ITS worth more than ITSH?